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Tomorrow is the first day of SPRING! And today it certainly shows with this amazing sunshine.

Back in the fall of 2015, I began a community workout session with a friend to bring the idea of “never being alone in fitness” to my neighbors here in Redmond Ridge. For me personally, I absolutely love working out with friends, staying committed to our own personal health and wellness, and helping one another achieve “squad goals” as I like to call them. And I wanted to share that passion with my future friends (they didn’t know it yet that I was planning on befriending them….!).

Some of you were there at the beginning, and some of you joined not too long afterward. Through it all… really early 6 am workouts, challenges like 10 degree weather, ice storms, the flu… and great things like really amazing workouts such as BodyShred, POPPilates, & of course my own personalized HIIT/Core/Cardio/Mobility classes.. I really believe we achieved what I had set out to do: to make everyone at CollabFitness feel included, form positive allies in fitness, and become stronger, and more empowered together. Bonus: everyone leaves feeling great about their bodies and their potential for continued fitness change.

As you’ve just read, our workout sessions were not without its challenges, but we stuck with it together and really did experience positive change! And, we laughed… a lot!

We have 8 classes left now, and then we will be taking a break until fall. So now is your chance: Join us for the final 8!

So what’s ahead until the fall?

Online workouts!

If you haven’t noticed, we have been waking up early on our non-class days, doing FACEBOOK LIVE workouts! These online workout “videos” are approximately 50-55 minute, total-body workouts designed to make you fit and feel great with out “burnout” (aka injuries and overtraining). They are challenging, but enjoyable all at the same time, and will keep you returning for more!

It’s so cool seeing my friends “show up” online to work out with me at 6 am!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for previous workouts if you missed any of them. All you need is your mat and a desire to get fit in your own living room!

Fitness Pop-Ups

No, not the annoying pop-ups that show up uninvited at a new website, but a smart and approachable fitness experience meant to help you learn and grow in your fitness journey. This could be an online or local event!

Pop-ups, like food trucks, are often a way for an artist or chef to test out a new idea. So why not a fitness-instructor-trainer??? Sort of like a teaser or a movie trailer, I hope to encourage a couple of fitness pop-ups throughout the year. I won’t give too much detail, as I’m still in the early stages of planning and developing. Stay tuned more more info!

Resources, information & personalized trainings!

What do you want to know more of when it comes to exercise? How can you incorporate fitness in your busy lives and into your family culture? I hope to be a resource to help answer those tough questions.

Allow me to help YOU answer questions or discover new things about working out, fitness, wellness, nutrition etc. I LOVE to help – Bottom line! So I will continue to blog here at CollabFitness.com and post over at our Facebook Page (“like” Collab Fitness!).

You can also schedule personalized sessions as I offer nutrition consulting (I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through ACE); and personalized training plans (I am currently a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer in training and am expected to be fully certified this summer).

Schedule a personalized Group Fitness and Small Group private training session with me! – I would love to help you and your family, friends or co-workers experience the joy of workouts together! Get your group of friends or co-workers on board, and I will come and get you MOVING. I am a Group Fitness Certified instructor through both ACE and AFFA, and I hold several group fitness certifications in fun and engaging programs like POP Pilates and BodyShred.

Finally, I’ll be using these e-newsletters infrequently, mostly just to make announcements. So find me over at the website and facebook pages to keep up to date on things.

As always, collaboration and always having a plan is key to your fitness success. (As does water and sleep… but that’s a separate blog post!) I encourage you to do both over the coming months!

THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your fitness journey! I’m around town teaching at local gyms, online, or a pop-up near you. I’m also always available for good coffee, food, a good walk or hike, and great conversation!



Michelle Spore


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