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I’m creating a series of blog posts highlighting “Products I Love” – all about things that have helped me in my own fitness and nutrition journey! Here’s my first one about Dragonfly Nutrition Bars. Hope you enjoy! – Michelle


Flashback to last summer. I’m in the middle of a 2-day training where I’m teaching 16 passionate students to become phenomenal pilates instructors. A long weekend of lecturing and movement – so fun! And very tiring. A dear instructor friend of mine shows up in support. She hands me a bag with some goodies, and over my next break I dive in to the bag where I find a Dragonfly Nutrition bar. A quick nutrition label check shows a combo of fruit, nuts and… what’s that? It’s high in protein? Protein along with my fruit and nuts?…I’m in! And holy moley, it was DELICIOUS.


That is me holding my favorite flavor – RAW WALNUT AND DRIED FRUIT!!

Health and Convenience

In a time where diet foods are tanking and the number of “healthy” foods are on the rise another nutrition bar on the shelf can be white noise, especially among us fitness instructors. We’ve seen (and have been offered) it all. But with this shift in food trends toward fresher, more natural ingredients, we often wonder can convenience and real nutrition be found in the same place? The people at Dragonfly Nutrition believe they indeed can coexist, happily.

Dragonfly Nutrition started as an idea in 2013. They sought to create a nutrition bar that would (1) include the highest standards of quality ingredients sourced from the United States, (2) help people get the energy and nutrition they need, (3) use the golden rule with their employees. The result was Dragonfly nutrition bar. And I think they did a fine job (it’s a pre-post fitness instruction must-have for me!!).

The Story

I had a chance to speak with Paul, a passionate software and fitness nut turned nutritional food entrepreneur, and asked him why Dragonfly Nutrition appeals to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and families. According to Paul, they’ve made a bar that people want because of the healthful, high-quality ingredients and the integrity of their process.

Dragonfly uses organic and all-natural ingredients with no fillers and no added sugar or sugar alternatives. Their bars are manufactured by hand in a dedicated production facility in Kirkland, Washington.

I also asked Paul’s thoughts on the shift in our culture of adopting new ways in healthy eating. He believes we’re actually seeing a return to older, more healthful and sustainable practices of eating, where you know WHO is making your food and WHERE it’s coming from.

While competitors focus on driving down prices with subpar ingredients and underpaid employees, Paul is proud to offer both quality to customers and fair living wages to all of their employees – a tall order but it seems to be working. Dragonfly is certainly an experiment in seeing if these standards can be sustained. The price of offering convenient, quality nutrition means that costs are a bit higher than their neighbors on the shelves.(**I recommend buying in bulk! Especially for that next business trip you’re going to take!**) But it’s worth it in my opinion; my family and I benefit greatly from it (as do my students!)

Dragonfly can be found both at PCC, a local natural-foods market in the Seattle area, and online at www.dragonfly-usa.com.

THANK YOU for reading this product highlight to the end! Here’s a free shipping code just for you on your next order at Dragonfly’s website! Just use: Michelle1 when checking out!

On my way to the next class!

On my way to the next class!

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