Fall Into Fitness, 2015 – Redmond, WA

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For the past 8 weeks I have gotten a chance to train a group of individuals in my very own backyard (so to speak). I’ve run a Fall into Fitness session for 8 fabulous individuals at our community center. We’ve met Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 am and I’ve taken them through HIIT (high intensity interval training), Bootcamps, and POPPilates Express classes. I’ve learned a TON!

What have I learned?

First, working out at 6 am is tough, but for some, that is pretty much the only time they have to dedicate to their health and fitness. Believe me, I’ve been there scratching at my phone at 5:15 am. Yikes. These early-birds may not be as smiley as my mid-day class participants, but they’re just as dedicated and they need each other for encouragement and support. We get moving right away to shake off the sleep and remind ourselves that it’ll get better. The hardest part is over – just showing up!

Second, variety in the workouts I’ve designed has really kept the Fall into Fitness session people engaged and curious about how the next workout will go down. At first I was a little nervous the workouts were too tough. But they kept coming back. Sure I’ve gotten a ton of sighing and eye rolling (in a fun, friendly way, of course) when I say “do another pushup/burpee/mtclimber/squat…”! But they love that they’re getting a challenge and seeing results. They are really getting the best of a lot of modalities of exercise: bodyweight training, core conditioning, Pilates, HIIT, cardiovascular strengthening, resistance training, partner workouts, etc. It’s absolutely fun for them!

Finally, it’s incredible to see people become empowered in fitness. I truly see these individuals as elite athletes just learning the foundations of their own training. We talk about doing things better – be it a better squat, or eating more appropriate nutrients to fuel their performance, or staying committed to working out at home (when the weather outside is awful)!

Here are a few words of positive feedback we’ve received!

“I loved the class. I have broken my weight loss plateau which was stuck for more than 6 months. This is after 2 C sections – my baby pooch was totally not responding. Even running 5 miles 3 days a week had it stuck. Great job at planning the exercises. I hope we can keep doing it…”

My favorite story is from someone who never had been able to do a pushup before. And now, two months later, they can (toes and all!)! I am so happy we started a group of people who are on a similar path to success and that we can keep encouraging each other to health and wellness and fun!

Interested in our next fitness session? Click here!

May you find fitness, friendship and fun in 2016!


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