Help! Summer is Coming!

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It’s funny, as a fitness professional I often find that summertime is a real challenge for people trying to maintain fitness.

Because school’s out (looking at you parents and college students), there seems to be a loss of consistent workout scheduling. Vacations disrupt schedules as do long, enjoyable summer feasting. I’ve seen the most beautiful gyms turn into a total dead zone in the summer (not complaining if the workouts move outdoors however!). For some reason, pizza is on the menu more often than we would care to admit.

I’ve seen the terror in the eyes of parents as they ask me:

Will I get a workout in this summer?

And students exclaiming:

“Thank God finals are over!”

(Meaning I’m going to sleep in a lot, then eat pizza for breakfast.)

How do we stay on top of nutritious eating habits we’ve worked so hard to cultivate? Will you ever lift another weight ever?

First let me be the first to give you permission to give yourself a break. There’s an ebb and flow to life that requires flexibility. And if you are blessed with some time off this summer – take it! Even top athletes take much-needed breaks to mentally, spiritually, emotionally and yes physically restore themselves.

Let’s do the same shall we?

But, for your own health’s sake, try to find yourself doing fitness your way this summer. How does it look? Visualize it then make it happen!

Here are 5 summer fitness ideas you can start with to help you stay well this summer!

  1. DON’T GO ALONE. Get your friends and family involved in fitness that’s fun and helps you bond together. This is my TOP recommendation for a great fitness summer. PLAY at the park (frisbee! tag! waterballoon fights!. Garden together. Take long walks after meals. Have your kids help you grill veggies (or at least help prep), make fruit-infused water, try a new healthy recipe…. TOGETHER.
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY. Find a workout buddy for just this summer. Create a weekly or bi-weekly “date” to workout. Have a rule that it’s ok if the other needs to cancel because it’s summer – we gotta be flexible! And take 5 minutes at the end to speak some positive words to each other & discuss any obstacles in the way (eating or otherwise) that you can encourage each other to tackle. Non-judgement, good-vibes zone always when it comes to a workout buddy! [Shameless plug: Come & join CollabFitness’ Summer Strong session! It’ll be challenging but fun!]
  3. GET OUTSIDE. There has been a lot of research done on the benefits of being outside. But we kinda already know… it just feels great in so many way to be outdoors. Try hiking, fishing, camping. Pick fruit and vegetables at a welcoming farm. Or try a new outdoor sport! There are lots of summer athletic leagues and lots of ocean and lake water sports to try. I highly recommend stand up paddle boarding or yoga in the park! The weather is lovely for a reason. Step outside and appreciate it!
  4. YOUTUBE. That’s right! When all others are sleeping in (and dreaming of pizza), you can get up a few extra minutes early and workout with a YouTube video. I highly recommend Blogilates (safe, effective & hilarious… the workouts fly by!), FitnessBlender (basic workouts that are trustworthy) & YogaWorks. Here’s a personal favorite YouTube workout I did recently called Extreme Abs 3 (omg it hurrts, but it works!).
  5. RELAX. Sexy and strong shines from the inside. Peace and joy can’t be bought – you have to cultivate it. And while some stress is good for us, promoting personal growth and creativity in our lives (life is crazy ain’t it??!!), too much internalized stress can lead to a variety of unhealthy consequences.

OK maybe you aren’t a worry wort, and all of this is surprising to read! Maybe this is just a friendly reminder to take the summer to have fun, make new friends and cherish the ones you love.

The empty gym will always be waiting (as will that pizza…).

Here’s a quick “21-day Jumpstart” calendar if you’d like to get started with a workout on your own!

I also have a couple of workouts on YouTube (they’ll make you laugh b/c they were shot in winter & I’m freezing in the videos… great fodder for summertime laughter?).

OR, come & join CollabFitness’ Summer Strong session! It’ll be challenging but fun!


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