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Strength training with fitness modelWhen it comes to fitness, strength training matters.

It has the hugest carry over into everyday living. Challenging our bodies through heavy lifting helps people lose fat, get stronger, be faster, and improve their overall quality of life.

And yet, strengthening muscle and bones gets neglected far too often either from lack of know-how or just sheer intimidation.

This is why I’m so excited to introduce you to Derek Kress, personal trainer and founding owner of Strength University, a premier strength training gym in Bothell, WA. He’s an incredible strength trainer who has been helping people to get stronger for years.

According to Kress, being intimidated by strength training shouldn’t stop anyone:

“The hardest part about strength training is showing up for the first time. There is a lot of misconceptions about strength training that intimidate a lot people. I tell everyone new to strength training to keep an open mind and not to be afraid of the weights. Once that person lifts and they realize it is possible for them to do this, all fears go out the door.”

You mean, it gets easier after that first training? Tell me more!

Strength University, it’s an education

IMG_0001Kress had a dream a few years back to open a strength-focused gym that would peel back the frills of exercise, and get down to basic, consistent, hit-the-pavement type of strength education and training. He wanted to take all of us “everyday” people and open up the world of strength through education and motivation while keeping it simple and consistent. And in 2016, that dream became a reality.

Smart training is how the members at Strength University get stronger. And that comes by having a true teacher, mentor and coach. According to Kress,

“The most important part for someone who wants to start strength training is learning how to do it correctly. I would suggest to find an experienced coach who could teach the correct way.”

I would have to agree. After all, lifting heavy objects above my head is something I don’t want to do alone. Ever.

There are a multitude of trainers and coaches out there. It’s important you find someone that cultivates positivity and challenge and should fit your personality preferences.

Kress, center, along with two SU members

Kress, center, along with two SU members

In the world of strength training, Derek Kress of Strength University is one of the best.

When he coaches, he appears to be one of those easy going individuals (which he is). He’s great to talk to and feel comfortable around, all the while he is dropping technique knowledge. Then suddenly he makes a game-changing, calculated “move” you had no idea was coming: laser-sharp coaching, efficient technique calibrations, adding more weight and complexity, and having a never-stop-never-say-quit drive, as he keeps his eyes on YOUR goals. Before you know it, you’re lifting more than you thought you could.

Keep it simple

The strength regimen at SU is simple: squat, press, bench press, deadlift, core, conditioning, nutrition, recovery.

That’s the “magic formula” at SU. It’s the attitude of Kress and his SU family that makes the seemingly “simple” approach come alive.

Kress loves his job. He trained clients for years at every location imaginable and finally, because of his own personal grit and strength, was able to build a new, no-nonsense gym to lead his community into the world of strength.

It’s a STRENGTH family at SU, where anyone at any level can jump in when they commit to their goals. Group and individualized trainings are offered to accommodate the needs of members, but is the power of YOU that comes alive through a simple, everyday approach.

So how do they get stronger? Each time you hit the floor with Kress, you’re adding weight to your bar. It’s that simple.

Big hearts and minds… and muscles too.

Want to enter strength competitions, get into state tournaments in sports, lose fat, get stronger, be faster, and improve their overall quality of life? Get to Strength University, or any positive strength training environment, and get stronger. Your confidence, not ego, but true, grounded confidence, will explode. Big hearts and minds are conditioned, physical strength is just the side benefit.

So What’s Up With That Poster?

There’s a really cool Russian propaganda poster hanging on the wall at SU that gives some insight to Strength University. A client had given it to Kress a while back. It depicts a smiling strong man holding a dumbbell with some crazy stuff happening in the background. Kress loves this poster. The colors of it even directed the color scheme inside Strength University.

The take away is this: A single person and can get stronger through smart and simple training. And that person is you if you want it.

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