Big Changes + Virtual Personal Training in Sept!

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Hello CollabFitness friends!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer at home or abroad. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather here in the Pacific Northwest with my family and our newest family member, a small puppy named Muffin.

So, I really did mean “See you in September” with that Instagram post (image above)! However, it’s more like “I’ll see you virtually in September!”

Read on for why the big changes!

I have some great news, some not-so-great news, and then great news again.

First the good stuff…

I received my Personal Trainer’s Certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) back in June. In addition to my multiple group fitness certs, I can now celebrate having a certification with one of the most top-rated, comprehensive certification PT programs in the world. (And holy cow, that NASM exam is TOUGH!).


My other news is that I will be getting back surgery very soon. For the past 2+ years, I’ve been dealing with a number of issues with my lower back and experiencing quite a bit of pain. The many issues I have are hereditary, but years of volleyball, running, and being active expedited the severity of it (the double-edged sword of fitness!). So while this is totally disappointing, I know that surgery is the best path for myself and my family! So this means I won’t be able to do group training at the Redmond Ridge Community Center this fall. I’m very sad that I won’t be able to train for a while, however I am definitely looking forward to an improvement in my body’s health and getting closer to being pain-free!.

Now for some good news again: I offer personal training, virtually, beginning in September!

Need a fitness pick me up after the summer ends? My virtual training program might be what you’re looking for! I custom-build training and workouts specifically to YOU (or your group of friends/teammates/co-workers) & your needs and goals. We communicate via email and online to make sure you’re getting the most of your workouts!

Customized training plans and virtual personal training plans are very specific to you and are meant to keep you motivated, accountable and happy while building your fitness. Let me be your personal trainer (virtually) and I’ll be your motivating cheerleader, committed coach, and a never-ending source of fitness creativity!

Here are the steps:

Interview and Design
Performance (you do the fun work!)
Feedback and Support
Reset (New month, new plan!)

Read below for the details!

Ready to go? Shoot me an email at & get started on your own or with friends this September!

Have a wonderful summer! I’ll keep you posted on my back health and any upcoming live trainings in 2018!


Michelle Spore


Interview and Design Phase:

I interview YOU (or your group representative) and you tell me what you’re looking for, what your fitness goals are, as well as your biggest challenges, exercise history and current fitness habits. Loose weight? Gain muscle? Recomposition? What is it you truly want in terms of your fitness goals? We identify what we deem as measurable success (inches lost, progress photos, clothes fit better, “fit-streaks” or # of days you consecutively tracked your nutrition/training, etc.) so that we can check in on this during your training.

Additionally, I will inquire about the equipment you have access to at your gym, home, etc. (Equipment not required, but minimal equipment like resistance bands are recommended for those not using a gym). And I will also ask about physical and exercise history. You also have the option to tell me your workout preferences. Exercise should be enjoyable after all!

The design phase is where I create a 3-day training plan, with personalized customizations for YOU based on what you have available (at home, office gym, regular gym, etc) and your preferences and abilities. I also design with HOW you like to workout if you’ve provided that information. Strength training will always be a foundation, but including other forms of exercise is what I love to do… it’s fun and it works! Don’t be surprised if you see cardio, HIIT, heavy lifts, bodyweight, core/pilates/stability/flexibility in your training plan. If how you like to work out aligns with your goals, it’ll be in YOUR plan! Traveling? We can customize for that too for an anytime, anywhere training plan.

Your  personal trainer (ME!) will design a 3-day training plan (3 days /week, with recommendations on what to do on the “off” days) that is specifically for you. This plan addresses your goals, and safely progresses you in strength and exercise performance. You perform the plan each week for 4 weeks ON YOUR OWN (or with your group), but with my virtual support.

The Nutrition Agreement

There’s no other way around it: Exercise and diet go hand in hand. So moving forward, I ask all clients to commit to a healthy eating pattern. “Healthy” eating is unique to the individual as we all have different bodies, circumstances, body types, etc. You let me know what your plan is while you’re training. You agree to follow a good solid, non-fad and non-extreme diet that will support your training, and your life! (If you want help with this, I also offer Nutrition Consulting & Coaching with checkins.)

Supported Training

Virtual support is part of my virtual training and is optional. I include check-in’s at weeks 2 and 4 where I’ll ask you a series of specific questions for you to respond to including your measurable goals, nutrition and training, all meant to see how your you’re doing.

Additionally, supported training includes email support with me. Any time during the month, you may email me to ask specific training questions, send me “form check videos” for feedback on your exercise performance, or just simply to touch base, letting me know you did another workout and how you feel.

At the end of 4 weeks, we reassess your goals, make any necessary changes, and I create a new custom-made-just-for- you training plan for the new month.

**Feel free to do a group training plan. Just let me know, and I can great something that stands out because it’s fun and effective! It helps to workout together, I know!


For unsupported customized training plans only (interview + custom training plan with no personal trainer support) – $65/month

For supported training plans (interview + custom training plan, 2 biweekly check ins, and unlimited email support with a personal trainer – me!) – $120/month


Email me to get started today!

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