What We Do

Fitness Training Sessions

CollabFitness is YOU + ME. Together we DO fitness and living life really well.

CollabFitness provides safe, effective and motivating LIVE small group training sessions including: bootcamps, Pilates and core work for functional, athletic-style conditioning.

Our workouts are safe, effective and fun and are meant for all levels of fitness. We adjust and modify to serve each individual’s intensity level, from fitness enthusiast to elite athlete.

We love to train groups of dedicated individuals and cultivate a team environment. For our live trainings, we find the small group environment delivers the most effective gains for participants as it incorporates individualized workouts along with a great group dynamic of energy, accountability and team training. And it’s cost-effective too!

Through live bootcamps, group exercise (pre-choreographed) classes, sports conditioning, fitness sessions and single events, we help you get closer to health and wellbeing. We incorporate a variety of fitness activities such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, Circuit & Functional Training, & SAQ (speed, agility, quickness).

Our online fitness experience includes a variety of fitness calendars, original workout videos, evidence-based education and even the occasional piece of advice to help you during the times we aren’t working out together.

The Results

Every person we train should:

  • see fitness results and gains in a safe, efficient, effective and fun environment;
  • learn a lot about themselves in their true fitness training zone;
  • be brave in trying new ways to workout; and,
  • participate in a team that helps keep each other coming back for more.

Interested in reaching your fitness goals with us? A new group could be forming fast and soon! Why not start a group? – CollabFitness will come and train!

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Fitness Consulting

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What better way to reach your fitness goals than by working together to get the best out of your exercise and nutrition? We’re here to help you do just that – CollabFitness now offers fitness consulting! Together, we will build an overall plan of action for positive fitness change in your own life. Our 3 steps for fitness are based on a personalized approach, taking into consideration your personal preferences, traits and resources.

Fitness Consulting (3 steps)

  1. Goal Setting & Program Design Phase – We will have a conversation about your fitness goals (approx 30 min), etc and I will ask you several questions about resources available to you, your learning style, personal preferences in regards to working out, etc. We may do this either in-person or on the phone or even Skype.
  2. Take Action – From there we will create a plan of action (aka “program design”), listing several actionable and measurable things for you to do, skills to learn, etc. for fitness and/or nutrition. This is a very personalized action plan that will be simple but effective.
  3. Weekly check-ins & Action Mastery – We will have weekly check-ins (email, brief phone call, or whatever works for you). You may ask any questions or I will offer further information or give an outside perspective on what you’re doing for the week. The primary goal is to have a deeper understanding of what makes you tick when it comes to fitness so that eventually you have all the tools you need to live successfully in this area of fitness! We don’t necessarily offer a “diet” plan but rather the beginning of a lifestyle shift, so to speak, where we focus on HOW you can get to a few goals within this time frame. We can meet (phone/skype/in-person) for initial goal setting & interview as soon as you’re ready. You can email me here & ask to have me add this consulting to your invoice.

*Special pricing available for participants enrolled in a current fitness session.*