About Us

CollabFitness is YOU + ME. We’re on the same team and we make one another even better!

Welcome to FITNESS, FUN & FRIENDS. We’re excited you’ve decided to work out with us. We know that going at fitness alone can be challenging, that’s why doing fitness together brings far more success. We are all about “collaboration” working as a team to achieve the best fitness results.

CollabFitness provides safe, effective and motivating SMALL GROUP TRAINING including: bootcamps, Pilates and core work for functional, athletic style conditioning. We also offer fitness consulting services outside of this fitness session.

Our workouts are safe, effective and fun and are meant for all levels of fitness. We educate and build upon what we’re learning from week to week so that you can see strength/conditioning improvements quickly. We adjust and modify to serve each individual’s intensity level, from fitness enthusiast to elite athlete.

CollabFitness is about connection and collaboration: helping YOU connect with your personal fitness goals and working together to reach them. We specialize in creating enjoyable, safe and effective fitness experiences whether it be live group exercise training, online fitness instruction, fitness education, or anything in between.

We strive to be a team of fitness enthusiasts, coaches and leaders dedicated to empowering fitness seekers and athletes alike with the skills, habits of mind, and awareness necessary to live healthy, thriving lives.

Through fitness education, motivation, athletic training and group experiences we help YOU become experts in your fitness journey.

Whether you’ve decided to attend our free fitness classes or are certain that you’ll stay on for the duration of some or all of our sessions, we hope that you connect with your personal fitness goals as well as connect with other people who are are the same path.

We hope that you find a fitness community to help you along the way.

CollabFitness is here to help you make a shift in fitness! Sign up today for our free next fitness session!