Reviews About CollabFitness

“Your bootcamps are different than others. Time flies by, full body, and stretching. Always love it.”

CollabFitness client, Redmond, WA

“You inspire. You have helped me and so many others to get strong safely.”

CollabFitness client, Redmond, WA

Jennifer M.
Redmond, WA
Spring 2016

“I highly recommend Michelle and Collab Fitness.  I’ve been taking a early morning fitness class for 6 weeks and just signed up for the next session.  Every class is well planned and in tune with the pace of the class as well as every individual. Michelle is constantly offering differentiation in movements to accommodate several fitness levels.  One detail I appreciate SO much is how intervals are predictable because she meticulously plans music and uses a timer app.  One of my personal pet peeves is the trainer who says thirty seconds but then keeps you going for 60.  That never happens with Michelle.  The mix of boot camp, circuit training, and Pop Pilates is not only fun, but very effective.  I leave every workout feeling stronger and although exhausted, happy with the changes my body is undergoing.  Michelle radiates positive energy and through keen observation and with simple suggestion, ensures she’s pushing you towards your best fit self, i.e. there is NO TRACE of military bootcamp humiliation or veiled insults in the room.  Michelle clearly knows what she is doing and is beyond passionate about fitness and your growth as well as fostering a team mentality, no one is alone at Collab Fitness!”

Redmond, WA
Spring 2016

“First off – I highly recommend Michelle and Collab Fitness.. (and I have to a bunch of my friends already).

I signed with Michelle in her early morning session – for 2 main reasons – it was early enough in my day to fit my schedule and it was close by. I wanted to get started on my fitness goals and it seemed like a good way – with 2 classes a week. My expectations were – get to move, build some core strength and get cross trained as I start half marathon training. Michelle’s sessions exceeded my expectations!

  • The sessions were really well organized – she emailed ahead of time what to expect for the week. So, I was mentally prepared going in
  • She was there and ready to go – and full of positive energy.
  • She worked with everyone (Who were at different fitness levels) at their level and pushed us to get the best we have.
  • Sessions were a good mix of HIIT, Pop Pilates, body weight workouts, interval training, boot camp and
  • She took inputs from the class to see what worked and include them in the class
  • She is very organized with the workouts planned, music and intervals preset, guidance for new moves and routines ahead of doing them!
  • She is super encouraging, offers variations based on your needs, works around the class, monitors for posture and pushes you through the session…
  • I signed up to work with her on my nutrition as well – she had so many suggestions and followed up weekly to ensure I was on track – I now plan my weekly menu – all meals + snacks. she had a lot of great ideas that I could incorporate with my dietary limitations.

As to results – I can see my workouts working…  my running is getting better, I am eating healthier (most of the time 🙂 ), muscle definition that I had lost, is coming back and I am enjoying working out,

I’ve signed up for session 2. Wishing Michelle and Collab Fitness the very best! :)”