Winter 2017 Specials

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FREE CLASS 1/5/2017

Who is this for?

For the taste-tester and those embarking on a radically-amazing fitness journey in 2017,  we offer a FREE workout  at 6 am at the Redmond Ridge Community Center on 1/5/17!

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January Fitness Consulting.

Who is this for?

The committed but time-crunched. Those who are looking for an accountability partner, encourager, or just need a little affirmation in getting back on track & going a little deeper into their fitness and nutrition know-how.

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January – March CollabFitness Small Group Training

Who is this for?

Early Birds who are time crunched but committed. Those who desire personalized workouts within a team environment, who need more than just a class, but an experience, and who love to feel the energy and drive of a group working together for fitness! We meet at 6 am at the Redmond Ridge Community Center. Dates can be found here.

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