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Hi my name is Michelle Spore and I would like to work with you to move well and feel great. I am an active yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and group and personal fitness instructor. I personally enjoy quality movement and teaching, and I know you do too. I teach, train and coach people in the sort of exercise that is sustainable for a lifetime. I started CollabFitness in 2015 because I believe in working together for your health and wellness through good movement.

I offer private and small group yoga sessions and personal fitness trainings, both in-home and on-site for:

Injury recovery | Beginners | Off-season athletes | Pre & post natal | Time limitations | Corporate & non-profits | Families & friends | Retreats, workshops and special events

You'll encounter a balanced approach as we build on the foundations of ancient and modern and yoga combined with the fundamentals of exercise science, strength and conditioning. I believe in client education and seeing you take agency when it comes to your personal movement health. I'm here to help you learn what works best for your body. I also recognize the importance of your environment and the importance of families, friends and co-workers moving well together.

Ready to begin? Send me an email to book a session or to discuss more about what your goals and needs are. I look forward to working with you towards good movement for a lifetime!


I absolutely love Michelle and CollabFitness. In just the first few months of taking her programs, I can actually see my workouts working on me… My running is getting better, I am eating healthier, muscle definition that I had lost, is coming back and I am truly enjoying working out again. - Asha

I highly recommend Michelle and CollabFitness. Every class is well planned, in tune with the pace of the class and every individual. Michelle clearly knows what she is doing and is beyond passionate about fitness, your growth, and fostering a team mentality. No one is alone at CollabFitness! - Jennifer


CollabFitness + Yoga sessions occur in private homes or on-site (such as your office) in Redmond, Washington and cities east of Seattle (NorthEast Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville, and Duvall). Mileage and driving rates may apply outside of Redmond.

Email to book a session or to inquire about holding larger events, workshops or retreats. I look forward to hearing from you!


With the use of home equipment, I offer a variety of traditional strength and conditioning training sessions, including bootcamp style circuits, HIIT training, core conditioning and Pilates, one-on-one or small groups. I do not offer sessions under 60 minutes.

Sessions Available

One-on-one personal fitness training sessions (1 person)
Small group and semi-private sessions are also available

Monthly custom training plans (not in-person) - a specially-designed, written exercise plan based on your goals, preferences and limitations that you perform on your own (experience with exercise and fitness strongly recommended for this option)

Mileage/travel fee not included in the above pricing.

*Special Conditions

Private and one-on-one sessions are great for those with special conditions. With your doctor's prior approval, I offer sessions and trainings for special conditions such as those with minor injuries, or in post-surgical recovery or pre and post natal mothers. Private sessions are great for those with time constraints and beginners as well. Ages 12 years old and up please.


I offer enjoyable, balanced private yoga session that include Vinyasa, Hatha, restorative practices with sequences that are built to meet your individual needs.

Sessions Available

One-on-one yoga sessions (1 person)
Small group and semi-private sessions are also available

*Special Conditions

Private and one-on-one sessions are great for those with special conditions. With your doctor's prior approval, I offer sessions and trainings for special conditions such as those with minor injuries, in post-surgical recovery or pre and post natal mothers. Private sessions are great for those with time constraints and beginners as well. Ages 12 years old and up please.

Workshops, Special Events & Retreats

Workshops are meant to not only educate but demystify fitness, yoga and nutrition. They are meant to be practical offering hands-on, tangible strategies to help build a lifetime of sustainable fitness and personal wellness. Because of this, the workshops are collaborative, involve some movement and brainstorming, and are fun!

Let your next team-building experience> be a healthy one! Corporate and non profits team building events help you find meaningful and fun experiences meant to uplift and connect you as you have fun geting healthier together. Group fitness, yoga, or a little bit of both if that's what your group would like. *Non profit groups, please ask about special reduced rates!

Why not add a healthy activity to your next special occasions with family and friends? Do things like: a mom and daughter yoga practice experience for Mother's Day; invite the entire wedding party to slow down, connect and feel great through a calming yoga class; gift your Dad's and Grads a centering and fun personalized yoga session or challenging fitness experience! Let's get you moving together! The sky is the limit for a meaningful bonding experiences with loved ones.

Time to take it up a notch for your group? Let's do a yoga and/or fitness retreat! Retreats include meaningful movement and education sessions on nutrition, the foundations of yoga, fitness and the internal journey of cultivating a healthy mindset and finding the best for you today. Let's curate a great experience for your group at a beautiful location!

Contact me so we may collaborate on building the best event for your family, friends, coworkers and community.


CollabFitness workshops are geared toward dynamic education in the areas of exercise, fitness and yoga so you feel empowered to move well and take more of a lead role in how you move, train and practice.

These 2-hour workshops are geared toward those with beginning to intermediate experience and will include some movement by class attendees during the class. We will work together to choose a space that suits your group's needs.

Workshop #1: Your Yoga Anywhere: a guide to building your own personal practice on the road, at home, or in the group environment
(1.5 hours; minimum of 4 students needed; all levels welcome; yoga mat required)

Feeling intimidated about yoga but know it has something to offer you? Are you a casual yoga student, but want to take more ownership of your practice? Having an approachable, adaptable personal yoga practice you can take anywhere throughout your lifetime is key for a lifetime of sustainable health and wellness.

This workshop will give you practical ideas for building your travel, home & studio/gym yoga practice with particular attention to the physical "asana" practice.

This will be an educational, hands-on experience to help you understand the basics of yoga, how and when to practice, define the different categories of yoga poses and their benefits, and help you make the best choices for your own sequences whether you are on the road, at home, or even in a group class.

It will also help you develop your own yoga practice, encouraging you to become a better practitioner of yoga in any environment. Knowing how to become more aware of what your body needs, how to modify, progress and listen to your own breath and body awareness will help guide your practice throughout your lifetime.

Workshop #2: Your Exercise + Strength Training - a foundational guide for women training at their home gym or at the commercial gym
(1.5 hour workshop; minimum of 4 students needed; yoga or fitness mat required)

Women are taking charge of their lives in many positive ways, including fitness, however when it comes to exercise and strength training, knowing what to do at home or in a commercial gyms can be an intimidating. Unfortunately home and commercial gyms remain empty gyms if there isn’t an understanding of what to do. Certainly putting your training into the hands of a personal trainer is one viable option. But what if you want to branch out and train on your own? Or are limited on time? Do you know what to do?

This educational hands-on workshop covers how to take charge of your fitness be it at a commercial or home gym - because both are viable options! This workshop offers female clients knowledge on the basics of building a practical, safe and effective training program, the foundations of strength training, and even how to build an effective home gym training plan (and figuring out what equipment to have!). We will move and you'll learn proper technique for foundational movement patterns. And, by the end of this session you will have created your very own workout training plan that you can do on your own!

Workshop #3: Your Good Eating: breaking up with dieting and finding a simple, doable approach to eating well
(1.5 hour class time, minimum 2 students)

People are tired of dieting and would like to start living again when it comes to food. Building simple and honest nutrition habits are within reach, but sometimes we just need the ideas and encouragement to get there.

This dynamic workshop will help you gather ideas for building a simple approach to good eating while avoiding the dieting mindset. This workshop is less about do's and don't's and more about saying yes to a healthy mindset and incorporating great habits (and awesome food!) into your life.

Yes you can turn a corner for good when it comes to your relationship with food. Yes you can cook and meet your own needs needs and your family’s nutrition needs too.

We will look at a variety of tools such as: meal prep'ing (is it right for you?!); having solid nutritional goals, moving into a more intuitive way of eating and moving away from a diet-mindset so that you can experience a real-world way of living that helps you maintain a healthy and balanced mind + body. Crash and fad dieting should be a thing of the past. Finding sustainable, long-term strategies that work for YOU when it comes to nutrition is what we are after.

At the end of the session, you will have the tools you need to begin your lifelong journey of nutritional health.

I am an ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist, and I also offer nutrition coaching and consulting - my clients have found much success!

This workshop (or equivilant required reading) is a prerequisite to those who wish to receive my nutrition coaching services.

Subsequent Nutrition Coaching available. (Email for details)


Want to build a restorative or invigorating yoga retreat or wellness/fitness retreat for your friends, family or business? I will create a yoga and/or fitness experience that addresses mind, body and soul! Retreats include meaningful movement and education sessions on nutrition, the foundations of yoga, fitness and the internal journey of cultivating a healthy mindset and finding the best for you today. Let's curate a great experience for your group at a beautiful location!Contact me to get started.


I'm Michelle Spore and I am a professional educator, fitness instructor, personal trainer, coach, and active yoga teacher. I help people move well and build their knowledge for exercise and wellness. I also specialize in providing original fitness classes and sessions that are professional, engaging and effective for every participant. I offer vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga and yoga therapeutics for special conditions such as pre and post natal or injury recovery.

I believe movement is essential for all walks of life, and by helping you find your connection to it and discovering what works for you is what brings success. A healthy mindset is the catalyst for health and wellness. So I aim to help you approach it with balance and joy. Movement is meant to be fun and challenging, performed on a consistent basis, so we might as well move well and enjoy it!

CollabFitness + Yoga is a holistic approach, and I believe we should take the time to build sustainable fitness that evolves and lasts a lifetime. I'm here to support YOU and your tribe, clearly providing the steps necessary to build personal success, whatever your personal goals may be. Enjoying the journey is a must.

My fitness and health journey began as a teenager as I enjoyed playing team sports both in high school and in college. Witnessing the many phases of destructive nutrition and fitness fads as well as seeing the evolution of healthy approaches to nutrition and exercise led me to research and pursue good movement and nutritional practices on my own. My passion for learning and practicing hasn't stopped.

I became a yoga practitioner in the early 90s and yoga has been a mainstay in my life ever since. I attribute yoga to having helped me go through many phases of life: young adulthood, pregnancy and childbirth, living an active and busy lifestyle, and most recently helping me rehabilitate after major back surgery in 2017. I find joy in the journey of yoga, a continual practice of love and centeredness.

I have taught fitness, exercise and trained athletes and everyday people for many years. I am a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Group Fitness Instructor (ACE), Nutrition Specialist (ACE), and Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. (I am also certified substitute teacher with the Lake Washington School district in Washington State!) I have have over 1000+ hours of direct training of both small groups and individuals.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, lived in Arizona for 18 years, and my family and I now call the State of Washington home. Outside of yoga, strength training, I also enjoy walking, hiking, developing new recipes (!), hanging out on Instagram, and especially being with my family, friends and my dog.

Professional Experience

*References available upon request.*

Fitness Education and Current Certifications

  • 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance
    *pending, expected completion 2019*
  • Aham Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, April, 2018
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified, Certified Personal Trainer, 2017 (NCCA-accredited)
  • American Council of Exercise Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, 2016 (NCCA-accredited)
  • American Council of Exercise Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification, 2016
  • CPR/AED Certified, Merit Emergency Education, (expiration May 2020)

Professional Education and Credentials (non-fitness)

  • Certified Substitute Teacher for Lake Washington School District in Washington State (K-12), 2017
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education for Secondary Education, with specialization in History; Summa Cum Laude. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 2006

Professional Fitness Experience

  • Founder and Lead Trainer | CollabFitness + Yoga, Redmond, WA, 2015 - present
    • Founded CollabFitness + Yoga, group fitness and online training hub, focused on building community and developing sustainable exercise and movement practices through challenging, educational, and enjoyable fitness experiences.
  • Small Group Training Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor & Yoga Teacher at: Aham Yoga (2018-present), 24Hour Fitness (2016-present), and Gold's Gym (2014-present), Redmond, WA
    • Over 1000+ hours of direct fitness instruction with participants since 2014.
    • Develop original small group training, paying close attention to adapting and modifying according to participant’s needs. Directly marketed to community to build classes.
    • POP Pilates Master Trainer & Group Exercise Workshop Course Presenter, NAFC | NY | CA | OR | WA, 2015
    • Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) & Strength and Conditioning Coach | Crossfire PREMIER Soccer National Girls Team (16 year old), 2015-2016