Good movement, together

yoga teacher, personal trainer and movement collaborator

I believe in working with you to befriend the yoga mat, weight room, home gym or anywhere good, sustainable movement happens.

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About Michelle

Hi my name is Michelle Spore and I would like to work with you to move well and feel great. I am an active yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and group and personal fitness instructor. I personally enjoy quality movement and teaching, and I know you do too. I teach, train and coach people in the sort of exercise that is sustainable for a lifetime. I started CollabFitness in 2015 because I believe in working together for your health and wellness through good movement.
“Michelle’s ability to combine mindfulness and movement in a rewarding and empowered way is one of the many reasons I train with her monthly. She not only keeps things as simple as possible while getting maximum results, she’s able to modify any exercise to accommodate my many injuries and limitations in real time as they come up. She listens, encourages and has this easy no bullsh*t attitude that I not only admire but keeps me coming back for more. If you’re looking for real change with a workout that meshes into your daily life rather than disrupts it, honestly, look no further.”

-Heather, 40

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