Classes & Sessions

Thoughts are the sensations of the mind, just as sensations are the thoughts of the body. Each moment of your life is a moment of potential practice.

-Dr. J. Lasater

As a trainer, teacher, mentor, coach, facilitator, collaborator, motivator, I act in many capacities. But my goal is simple, I help you connect to YOU.

We return to things that we enjoy. We feel fulfilled when we do our best and see progress. With each movement session I help you discover what feels right in your body, what contains the right amount of challenge, and knowhow when it’s time to downshift.

I will help you access what you already know to be true. Learning to trust what’s on the inside is a daily practice. Not afraid to be yourself means freedom and wholeness.

I provide an environment for the change you might be after for yoga, exercise, working out, fitness, and life. I bring unconditional attention and a commitment to your personal training or practice.

Let’s do this together.

Why not become invested in the positive outcomes, connecting to that inner wisdom, discovering new capacities within yourself?

Our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits, are a beautiful combination of science and art. Dynamic humanity, ever evolving potential, designed well.

I’m here to help you experience what it means to stand in your own center of gravity using your own internal guidance as a reference point, as you grow curious, ask questions and experiment.

This experience I offer is part chill without being too casual, professional minus overinflated egos and perfectionism, and it’s a sacred space to connect without taking ourselves too seriously or wondering off into “woo woo” land (no offense to woo woo land).

I hope you’ll join me in one or more of the offerings and services I provide.

In joy,

Michelle 🙂