Custom Training Programs


Custom Personal Training Plans

Know what to do and how to progress your fitness, strength & conditioning in your home or outside gym.

Perfect for intermediate to advanced exercise clients, these specific training programs and plans are written with you in mind, based on the equipment available to you. After our initial exercise review consultation, the program is performed on your own with remote coaching support from me along the way.

Custom Training Plans

You’ll receive a specially-designed, written exercise plan based on your goals, preferences, equipment access and any limitations (injuries, etc) that you perform on your own.

First complete the questionnaire, then receive a training plan back within 5-7 business days. Workouts are typically performed 2 – 4 days per week depending on your goals, needs and preferences.

If desired, recommended yoga, mobility and recovery sessions can be included beyond the strength training program.

Experience with exercise and fitness strongly recommended for this service.

Training plans work best when implemented for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

Custom Training Plans Options

Custom Training Plan + 1 Exercise Review Consultation

Perfect for the home gym enthusiast, you will receive a customized written training plan (everything detailed above), PLUS a 55 minute exercise “walk through” consultation (via Zoom or in person) where you will be taken through each exercise to gain an understanding of the training in your body and how to properly execute the exercises with your equipment.

Consider this a mini-workout, with the goal being for you to gain a complete understanding of how to execute the exercises for your 4-6 week training plan. Feel free to ask questions during this 55 minute consultation for things like appropriate weight selection, rep ranges, purpose of the exercise, etc.

This is good for those who are self-motivated to implement their training plan, but may need additional help with form and technique.

A single training plan work best when implemented for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Training plans, are purchased in bundles of 2 or 6 months. Month by month is available upon request after completing 2 months.