Group Coaching

I have an active online fitness team of motivated individuals dedicated to a healthy mindset & absolute fun when it comes to working out.

Want to join? Though you might.

This is the COLLAB of CollabFitness. You + Me + We = Goals!

You choose your workout plan (anything from kickboxing, to pilates, to HIIT, and more!), and you are coached by a real trainer (that’s me), all while having fun with a small group of individuals (we) working together to support each other to reach GOALS. And – it’s all at home & on your own schedule.

If this is for you, then I invite you to join my private coaching group ASAP! I’m all about motivating you to have a balanced approach, healthy mindset as you maintain your quality of life while reaching fitness or nutrition goals.

This is perfect for individuals who:

  • are taking a break from the gym or group fitness classes
  • want to work out from home, are short on time & have minimal equipment
  • crave group motivation and accountability with the guidance of a personal coach
  • have a limited budget


Access 1000s of streaming workouts with a diverse exercise program library along with optional nutrition support. Reliable streaming, all professionally curated workouts that are proven to deliver results.


Plus – have access to my private coaching group for collaboration with other fitness enthusiasts and receive direct feedback from your coach (me)!


Begin any workout program anytime. Any goal you have, we will support. But it does help to have a plan and a team.


Kickstart muscle gain and/or weight loss with simple-to-follow programs that help you break the cycle of bad eating habits, and more importantly, promoting a positive, healthy body image mindset for years to come.

Get all the resources you need to learn about and promote a healthy quality of living.

To get into my challenge group, simply email me at info@collabfitness.com and I will send you the invite-only link.

To get into a workout challenge program, I offer an online streaming service (I resell this) with streaming access to over 1,100+ workouts, accountability tools, trainer tips, meal plans and more. Plus, exceptional, proven eating solutions that are totally optional.