Innova Patients

Let’s Build Sustainable Health Together

My name is Michelle Spore of CollabFitness + Yoga and I’m very excited to partner with Innova Physical Therapy to offer patients the Sustainable Health Program.

Through 1:1 private sessions and my Yoga Fundamentals 4-week Beginner’s Yoga class series, this unique yoga and personal training program can be a beneficial next step following physical therapy to maintain and build optimal health.

Having personally walked through injury, major surgery and the rehabilitative process with Innova, two key elements I found helped me return to quality movement: 1) a consistent and balanced yoga practice, and 2) mindful strength training.

I am a life-long learner, and use my knowledge, professional expertise, personal experiences, and the belief that we are all meant to move well over a lifetime, to guide every class and session I offer.

I am committed to collaboration, working with my clients, to see them take a holistic approach to quality movement, and learn how to build sustainable yoga and exercise practices.

Good movement should be approached with knowledge, balance and joy. I’m here to support that for you.
Please contact me to book your private sessions or classes today!

Michelle Spore