introductions, again :)

Michelle Spore

Originally posted on Instagram.com/CollabFitness Feb. 6, 2020

Hello! Allow me to introduce or reintroduce myself & my biz. 😀⁠

My name is Michelle Spore and I live just east of Seattle. I’ve lived most of my life in sunshine states like California and Arizona, but my husband and I were drawn to Washington for friends and family. It’s beautiful here and super green. It also rains.⁠

I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher presently. I’ve coached and trained in all sorts of fitness programs, sports programs, gyms, etc, and have been a substitute teacher for local schools, but I’ve landed on CollabFitness + Yoga to combine all of my movement passion and education expertise into one space. ⁠

When I was a teenager I thought I was going to be a physical therapist when I grew up. Life took me in all kinds of directions and that didn’t happen. However, I have the honor of working with THE BEST team of PT’s on earth, and get teach at Innova Physical Therapy (@innovapt) yoga and exercise. I offer 1-1 private yoga/fitness sessions and the Yoga Fundamentals class series I started last summer. Being welcome at Innova is a dream come true.⁠

I used to play volleyball all the time (indoor + outdoor). I played in high school & college. So whenever I workout now with my Virtual Coaching group (we do online workouts & I coach them in all matters of fitness and health), you can find me often putting up my blocking hands because I was a middle blocker. It can’t be helped.⁠

I recently received my 500 Hour Yoga Teacher certificate. Kind of like a Master’s Degree of Yoga, but without crazy amounts of writing and there wasn’t a GRE involved. I enjoyed the training @ #ahamyoga immensely.⁠

Finally, I’m absolutely crazy for my 12-year old daughter, my 45-year old husband, and my 3-year old furbaby. My personal Insta is @mspore.⁠

If you’d like to connect or even participate in some of my classes or private sessions or go online with me for coaching, DM or email me at info@collabfitness.com!

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