Mindfully Strong Monthly

Your first week is Free!

$20/month after your first week

Mindfully Strong is an all-new strength training, yoga and mindfulness approach to building your health through strength and yoga.


Each program offers clear plans, an easy to use app that contains video demos, and approachable yoga classes to support your Mindfully Strong journey.


Done at-home or on the road with minimal equipment, you’ll encounter strength plans and yoga classes made for you to do on your own time, in your own way!


Join our Mindfully Strong Monthly class online, taught by Michelle, absolutely free! This monthly online *LIVE* class features strength training, followed by yoga.

A meticulously built program offering the flexibility and all the tools you need to build strength and mindfulness at-home.

Mindfully Strong Monthly

The dynamic strength training and yoga program that refreshes every month! Never get bored, never plateau. Always learn something new and have fun too. This subscription-based program will help you build mindfulness, mobility and strength.