Yoga Fundamentals

CollabFitness Yoga Fundamentals: an online course to build YOUR meaningful yoga practice

Welcome to your yoga journey. If you’re new to yoga or looking for a refresh to your personal yoga practice, this class is for YOU.

I designed the Yoga Fundamentals Online course for those who want to:

  • start doing yoga but don’t know where or how to begin
  • experience yoga poses according to the uniqueness of their own bodies (minus the complex and intimidating “glory poses” so often seen on social media)
  • reset or reignite an existing yoga practice by going back to the basics, so that it is meaningful and refreshing again, just as it was meant to be
  • build mindfulness along with the physical practice of yoga

If that’s you, then Yoga Fundamentals Online course is the place to start!

My Yoga Fundamentals Online course is a 5-week long series that will help you begin or reignite your yoga journey in a safe, meaningful way. Find JOY in practicing Yoga for the first time, or the 1000th time!

Begin and practice at your own pace:

  • Participate in mindfulness practices while building the foundations of yogaThe bundle includes pre-recorded videos AND live classes to support your learning
  • Learn how to build YOUR own yoga shapes and personal practice
  • Cultivate a practical, thriving practice for years to come

Bonus support materials such as the Yoga Fundamentals ebook and an invitation to participate in our private thriving community of yoga learners (beginners and experienced practitioners all welcome!) will come in the months ahead.

The Course Bundle Includes:

  • Yoga Fundamentals pre-recorded video series – 5 exclusive videos to practice on your own anytime
  • Yoga Fundamentals weekly LIVE online yoga – 5 live classes where you’ll get feedback on form and can ask questions

The prerecorded series of 5 videos will cover things like building your own yoga shapes posture and alignment “guidelines”, mindfulness, cultivating a home yoga practice, balance, breath, self care and meditation!

You’ll also get access to our weekly LIVE Zoom Yoga Fundamentals Classes that support the video series. This allows us to go deeper into the concepts covered and allows me to offer you direct feedback, giving you a more personalized yoga experience that is tailored to your individual needs and the props that you have on hand.

Live Yoga Fundamentals zoom classes happen weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7 pm PST. Drop-in’s and class packs available as a stand-alone separate from this bundle.

Get $20 off!

Email [email protected] to request a special coupon code for first time participants.

Cost: $140.00 for YogaFundamentals Online Course Bundle (10 yoga classes that are a combination of pre-recorded and live classes)