Morning Yoga

All-levels Morning Yoga
Fridays, 7 am (55 min):

  • Live on Zoom
    June 3 – 24, 2022
  • Outdoors Redmond Ridge Park
    July 8 – Aug 26

Fridays @ 7am

fall, winter, spring

Fridays @ 7am


Michelle will guide you through this energizing 55 minute hatha vinyasa style class, beginning at 7AM PST every Friday.

Use this practice to awaken & prepare for your day as you transition from sleep to the active needs of your day (physically & mentally). You’ll find practices to get you moving and get your heart pumping with plenty of accessible (and fun!) spine, shoulder, hip, and whole-body movement. We typically conclude with savasana, brief seated meditation and/or energizing pranayama to leave you alert & focused for your day ahead. A healthy circadian/cortisol rhythm has many positive health implications on our immune system, inflammation, sleep & bone health, muscles, collagen/connective tissue and more. Come and build sustainable wellbeing with this class.

Props needed:

Have a blanket or large towel at hand, a yoga strap or belt, plus 2 yoga blocks if you have them. Some classes will incorporate MFR (myofascial release) techniques, so 2 tennis balls or MFR balls will be helpful, but not required.

This class works well for beginners and experienced students alike as multiple options for movement and poses are provided.

TIP!! Combine this class with her short pre-recorded restorative “Yoga for sleep” class series in the evening to facilitate the shift into sleep mode as well.