Mindfully Strong

Mindfully Strong is an all-new strength training, yoga and mindfulness approach to building your health through strength and yoga.


Each program offers clear plans, an easy to use app that contains video demos, and approachable yoga classes to support your Mindfully Strong journey.


Done at-home or on the road with minimal equipment, you’ll encounter strength plans and yoga classes made for you to do on your own time, in your own way!


Join our Mindfully Strong Monthly class online, taught by Michelle, absolutely free! This monthly online *LIVE* class features strength training, followed by yoga. 

2 programs offering the flexibility and all the tools you need to build strength and mindfulness at-home.

Mindfully Strong Monthly is the dynamic strength training and yoga program that refreshes every month! Never get bored, never plateau. Always learn something new and have fun too. This subscription-based program will help you build mindfulness, mobility and strength.

Mindfully Strong Fundamentals: an 8-week beginner-friendly program to build dynamic strength and best yoga practices in 2 phases. Pay once, and you have unlimited access to this powerful program.

When you join a Mindfully Strong program you'll receive:

  • Dynamic strength training programs that can be done at home
  • A powerful, easy to use app that shows you how to do it⁠ all
  • Exclusive yoga classes to support YOU
  • An e-book guide to give you tools, resources and know-how for success
  • Approachable and practical mindfulness exercises
  • Monthly LIVE online strength + yoga classes

Mindfully Strong is for those who:

  • want to exercise from the comfort of home with minimal equipment 
  • need a consistent, effective plan that’s easy to follow and provides options
  • desire connection with other positive, mindful movers – accountability helps!
  • want practical tips for exercise, yoga, mindfulness and more
  • need a cost-effective approach for a solid movement plan

If you'd like to jump into a dedicated, consistent and self-compassionate approach to evolving movement, Mindfully Strong is for you!

Two unique programs,
same commitment to your health.

Let’s thrive, extend some kindness to your mind and body, while finding a good, solid challenge that keeps you engaged and doing things you’ve only considered or dreamed of. That’s what Mindfully Strong is all about.

Why Mindfully Strong?

You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to observe, celebrate, create and grow in the strong, fluid abilities that your body is capable of⁠. 

  • You’ll build a healthy, dedicated, positive mindset as you train and practice. We do this because we want to feel strong and open. ⁠
  • You’ll take a valuable, self-aware and skillful approach to health instead of doing this for fear-based motivations⁠.

If you want a small sample of the monthly, program, try it out for 7-days FREE!

Let's build health in our minds, spirits, hearts & bodies together!⁠

Just getting started?

Try the Mindfully Strong Fundamentals, 8-week beginner-friendly program.
Do it at your own pace as you build foundational strength and yoga practices. T
his program can be done anywhere, in your own time, and you’ll get a feel for how Mindfully Strong works for YOU!

Minimal Equipment: What you'll need

  • sticky yoga mat
  • a set of light, medium & heavy dumbbells or kettlebells – get two of each weight. You can also substitute by using things around the home like a backpack filled with heavy items like books, or potatoes. 🙂
  • resistance bands with varying tensions (have light, medium and heavy)
  • mini band(s) (get a set with light, medium and high tension)
  • a long continuous loop band (light to medium resistance)
  • a glute loop (sometimes called “hip circle) – with either medium or strong tension
  • a journal (old school or digital) for mindfulness and self-reflection exercises
  • optional: yoga blocks, yoga strap (thick books for blocks and pet leashes or belts can replace these props too)

About the LIVE classes

Each month join our Mindfully Strong Monthly class online, taught by Michelle! This monthly online *LIVE* class features strength training, followed by yoga. Friends and family can attend with you absolutely free!

We will be polling members of our group each month to see when most can make our monthly class. If you cannot make it no worries! You can always request* that we record and upload the link of the class for you. 

*This recording is only available for active Mindfully Strong Monthly Members.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers and yoga practitioners - all are welcome.

You will have access to a variety of exercises with lots of options to progress or dial back exercises.

For the more advanced exercisers, I suggest you join the monthly group and then go and find heavier weights over time if possible. For beginners, I recommend you start the 8-week program and start slowly, and increase the number of repetitions or days of the week over time as you get stronger. It’s perfect to do on your own at your own pace. It will give you a great idea of how the monthly program would be for you.

That said, this program is created for the general population that is mostly injury-free (or approved by their doctor to exercise), and are able to move comfortably through a variety of basic strength movement patterns (push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, etc. and yoga movement (standing poses, twists, backbends, forward folds, getting up and down off the floor).

You will do the exercises mostly on your own, in your own time, so you will need to feel comfortable doing this. But worry not – we’re here to support you! You are not alone.

Mindfully Strong Guide

You will have access to the Mindfully Strong e-guide that offers a wealth of knowledge for making this process a success for you! Everything from how to use the app, to safety tips, equipment list and more can be found there. This will show you how to move with self-awareness, kindness and skill.


I would recommend my 1:1 private coaching, personal training and 1:1 private yoga sessions if you would like special attention for things like injuries, pre or post natal guidance, or desire a completely individualized custom program for specific goals and requirements like special equipment, schedule, etc. Considerations like these may not be fully addressed with a program like Mindfully Strong – this is why I offer private services as well.

You can sign up for Mindfully Strong Monthly by entering your email and a credit card number. You will receive an email right away after signing up from Superset app to let you know you have access to the program and that you can manage your subscription from your Superset account page. (You’ll also get a welcome email from CollabFitness+Yoga with the Zoom link to our monthly live class!) You will be auto-charged each month and you’ll get an email letting you know you’ve been charged and are all set until the next billing period (in a month). You may cancel anytime by managing your subscription from your Superset account.

To sign up for the Mindfully Strong Monthly subscription, click here.

The 7-day trial offer is for Mindfully Strong Monthly program, not for Mindfully Strong Fundamentals 8-week program. Just like a regular subscription, you can sign up by entering your email and a credit card number, but you won’t be charged until the end of the 7-day period (exactly 7 days to the second from whatever time you signed up).

Your will receive an email right after signing up from Superset app to let you know you have access and that you can manage your subscription from your Superset account page. You’ll get an additional email with 3 days left in your trial letting you know that you will be auto-charged if you don’t cancel. Once you hit the 7-day mark, you’ll get an email letting you know you’ve been charged and are all set until the next billing period (in a month).

To sign up for a 7-day free trial of Mindfully Strong Monthly, click here.