One on One

I offer individual personal training and yoga sessions and a high-touch coaching relationship model for my individual services. Everything is created and curated thoughtfully, with you in mind.

We are all different and have individual, unique needs, goals and how we approach health, fitness and yoga. I take this into consideration with my one on one services. Read on for my approaches to building the most effective and efficient, and mindful strength training sessions, full-service coaching programs, and yoga private sessions.

Personal Training, my approach

For personal training, I focus on the foundations of building strength and physical fitness.

We slowly build over time, utilizing safe, effective training protocols. My adaptive programs help my client’s progress as we work together (the “Collab” of CollabFintess) to fine-tune what works for them, building confidence in movement inside and outside of the gym.

I especially enjoy helping people connect to exercise and find consistency for their own bodies and circumstances – especially when they feel like it couldn’t be possible for one reason or another.

For clients that choose a full-service coaching relationship, going beyond just 1:1 training sessions, I now offer the EverFit app. This is a central hub where I communicate, coach, and curate specially-designed exercise programs that clients can perform on their own, when ready. They also have access to an entire exercise library with videos and images (many of them are from my own library!), and can even track body metrics, workouts, and encourage healthy habits in and out of the home gym with tracking custom tasks like sleep, water intake, etc.

Schedule or learn more about private personal training sessions and 1:1 coaching.

Yoga, my approach

For yoga I offer immersive sessions where people learn by doing.

We honor the ancient wisdom and traditions of yoga while responding to our current generation’s needs, thereby maintaining relevance to the modern-day lifestyle and stressors.

We focus on breath, repetition and mindfulness through both vinyasa and hatha style sessions . I prepare each individual session with high-level sequencing protocols resulting in purposeful classes based on mental, spiritual/emotional and physical outcomes.

I maintain a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, leaving time for questions and conversation.

I take a lot of care in helping my clients build safe, sustainable yoga practices.