1:1 Coaching

Perhaps you want to move beyond “single sessions’ for your training, and need a more comprehensive, efficient approach. In this case I recommend my 1:1 coaching services. Here you will receive comprehensive, tailored strength programs and individual attention that truly suits your needs and goals with lots of 1:1 accountability.

You will learn how to move with skill AND enjoyment with programs written for YOU that you are able to successfully complete week to week.

Establish strength-building know-how for a lifetime with a mindful approach. See results working out on your own time, and having access and accountability to your own personal trainer (me!).

What you’ll get:

  • Each month you’ll receive either two (2) 1:1 30-minute calls or one (1) 55 minute session on Zoom (email me if you’re interested in in-person)
  • Custom exercise program for your experience level, fitness level, body, equipment, schedule, and lifestyle
  • Individual coaching from Michelle Spore via the Everfit.Io app, through which your program will be delivered. Receive form checks (upload a video of your exercise and I give feedback). Review your workout history and body metric data wherever you are. Track workouts, fitness targets, progress photos, and more with the Everfit mobile app (including alerts when you hit personal records!).
  • Cost: $240/month subscription-based
  • 10% off a 6-month subscription rate purchase (email if interested)
  • Optional nutritional coaching add-on: $100/month