Custom Written Training Programs

Imagine going into the gym or your home “gym” and having a plan, knowing exactly what to do to build strength, see progress, and having fun as you meet your goals in the amount of time that you’d have available!

That is what custom programming is all about.

Instead of doing random exercises you might see on a video (or remember from a friend) which probably have no direct relationship to your goals,, no periodization nor progressions in mind, you take a fresh approach with intelligent planning curated especially for you!

Who is this for?

Those who are familiar with the fundamentals of exercise, are an intermediate to advanced strength exerciser, comfortable on their own, but want to receive a custom training program to implement, under the guidance of a certified personal trainer.

Experience with exercise and fitness strongly recommended for this type of program. As such, the purchaser assumes any responsibility for any injury and negligence with this any service provided by CollabFitness & Yoga.

What are training plans?

Training plans are written plans (delivered via pdf) that are customized to you and your goals, but you perform them on your own. It’s for people who want programming input, guidance, and the expertise from a trainer, but have the ability to strength train on their own.

Why custom written training plans?

Avoid random strength training exercises that have no goal, no periodization nor progressions in mind. Instead, take a fresh approach with intelligent programming written for you! The plans I write are very detailed and include images/videos for technique too.

What you get:

  • A completely customized training program to be performed over a 4-6 week period.
  • Access to exercise videos and demos
  • Flexibility to perform intelligent strength training programs on your own time, with the equipment you have available to you
  • Modifications based on your schedule and abilities (even working around injuries)
  • A fresh, mindful strength training program that is suited for you!

What does the process and program look like?

You’ll receive a specially-designed, written individualized strength training program for you based off of a comprehensive questionnaire. The program will be based on your goals, preferences, equipment access and any limitations (injuries, etc) that you perform on your own.

Your plan will come complete with dynamic warm-ups, mobility work, and a sample weekly schedule, with everything customized and tailored to fit your individual needs and available equipment.
You would submit any follow-ups for a new program when you’re ready.

Please allow to 5-7 business days to receive your program which will be delivered to your in-box via pdf.

Cost and Subscriptions

  1. One-Time Custom Training Program, $80
  2. Monthly Subscription Custom Training Program, $69/month, 2-month minimum (email to request a subscription set up). This is an ongoing subscription & you will be charged on the same day per month. Cancel anytime however a 14 day written cancellation must occur before the next charge otherwise you will be charged for the next month.

This service does not include coaching or any live training session(s). For individual training and coaching support, please see my full-service 1:1 coaching program.