Nutrition Coaching

For clients who want to refine their nutrition habits with a mindful approach that can be sustained for a lifetime I offer my Nutrition Coaching service. I am a certified Nutrition Specialist with ACE and I believe practicing good habits and cultivating a healthy mindset is where we find the most success.

About Nutrition Coaching

This is a coaching relationship with bi-weekly check-ins, feedback from me and monthly macronutrient calculations.

I’ll work with you to identify what works for you and your lifestyle:

Do you need a more intuitive approach? Do you need to keep tracking calories/macros? What do you perceive as common pitfalls?

Let’s find healthy, achievable habits for you and incorporate them into your life.

Let’s design your nutrition life and create habits that could potentially last a lifetime.

I’m all about a positive mindset, positive self talk, realistic expectations for oneself, and NOT white-knuckling it. This should not be difficult. I’m here to support YOU!

What you’ll get:

  • If deemed necessary: a dietary macronutrient calculation to help you adjust your intake according to your goals. This helps you stick to a macro/caloric intake based on your goals (strength/maintenance/fat loss, are some types of goals). I get your information based on a comprehensive questionnaire, and calculate your macro numbers. You begin to adjust your eating according to these target ranges.
  • Weekly food journal reviews via the Everfit.lo app, to help keep you accountable and assess progress and make necessary adjustments as needed.
  • 2x/month check-in’s via email.
  • Metric and habit tracking to see results and build healthy habits.
  • General nutrition guidance grounded in your goals, commitment level, and lifestyle.
  • I also offer lots of resources for this so you find the most success possible! (P.S. I love to cook so I can offer up recipe ideas too.)
  • New clients get one (1) 30 minute Zoom call absolutely free!


New Clients:

  • New Client 2-Month Nutrition Coaching, $198 ($50 off!). You start with a 2 month commitment to begin your nutrition support and coaching. This package includes one (1) 30 min Zoom call, absolutely free, to be completed within the first week of coaching!

Ongoing Clients:

  • Nutrition Coaching Subscription: $99/month subscription-based. Continue the coaching relationship on a monthly basis. Cancel anytime with a 10-business day email written notice cancel request prior to the next charge date. Zoom calls available for an additional fee. Must have completed the New Client 2-month coaching first before entering the subscription plan.
  • Additional 30 min. Zoom nutrition consulting calls available for $50/call.

Please note: This is not a meal plan service but a nutrition coaching service.